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Does BuyReal offer real/active followers?

Absolutely! We provide followers with both these features. It’s important to purchase followers that include real people versus bots. This is the most organic option and can help produce the best results. You can also run into lots of problems if you sign up for a service that offers bots versus people.

Should I still find more followers organically?

You can and should even if you’re buying Tiktok followers. Here are some helpful steps to take:

  • Upload videos daily
  • Add popular music
  • Learn from experts
  • Follow other TikTok users
  • Upload original videos
  • Share TikTok Profile on other platforms
  • Perform duets

When combined with buying TikTok followers this approach can help you get the best results. It’s important to maintain a long-term boost in TikTok followers and you can do that by combining organic methods with the option to buy real Tiktok followers.

How long does it take to deliver followers?

BuyReal offers instant delivery since we believe delivery time is one of the most important features to look for when you buy TikTok followers. The Internet never sleeps so it’s critical to stay competitive by boosting TikTok followers ASAP.

 Can buying followers help my videos go viral?

It definitely can. When you have more followers it boosts engagement so you also have more views, likes, and fans. It’s really a numbers game so it’s important to boost all these numbers to boost your chance of going viral. How would you like your videos to show up on the trending tab?

 Why should I buy TikTok followers?

 If you’re already a social media celebrity/influencer you’ll likely have millions or even tens of millions of followers. Yes, there’s a caveat. While it’s always possible to rack up such numbers it doesn’t happen overnight. Consider that the record for most followers is still less than 10% of all active TikTok users. If you want to boost followers quickly then it’s practical to buy followers.

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