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A cancer patients story may include details that the public will never know about. It often includes many emotional struggles. The stress of making ends meet while caring for medical expenses to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or even alternative or experimental treatments can be unbearable. It includes endless blogs from every angle related to cancer-from the research studies to innovative breakthroughs from scientists.

There are also the stories from oncologists who have reported success rates with many of their cancer patients? And the grim statistics that are posted of those who have lost their fight with cancer in the entertainment world. There are the stories of everyday people who have had to fight with their insurance companies to get medical treatment that, unfortunately, is beyond their financial reach.
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There are so many stories and so many people affected by cancer. Perhaps, the average person may not be aware of how great an impact there cancer donation may help someone they don’t know, but it benefits them tremendously. With everyone doing their part, a cancer patient can focus on their recovery, taking away the financial burden that their family or friends may experience trying to raise money for their loved one on their own.

One such nonprofit organization that forms a protective wall for cancer patients and their families is the American Cancer Foundation. A cancer donation can provide resources for those who refuse to give up because of a less favorable diagnosis. Financial assistance can offset the costs accrued with participation in approved clinical trials. Moreover, a cancer charity provides outreach services and community education.
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Many individuals who are fortunate enough to participate in clinical trial treatment programs are able to be cured from their specific type of cancer or at least be able to extend or greatly improve their quality of life longer than what was first expected.

The American Cancer Foundation has been driven to improve treatment options for cancer patients who otherwise would have no hope. Patients can take advantage of the most advanced medical breakthroughs-because time is so precious. The foundation believes that the price of treatment and insurance acceptance shouldn’t be a barrier for a patient to get the medical care they desperately need. All ages and walks of life, with all forms of cancer can be provided with helpful resources, such as postings of clinical trials, so that cancer patients have every option available to them to win the fight against cancer.

The American Cancer Foundation needs your help. Setting a personal goal to run in a half marathon event(s) in 2013 with Team For Life can help this nonprofit organization raise adequate cancer charity funds to help cancer patients have access to various cancer treatments. This may be the most important new year’s resolution you’ll ever make!
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