Affordable SEO Packages For Small Business, Buy SEO Plan 1


SEO Plan 1
1 – Landing Page
3 – Keywords List

  • Work Activity
    Page Analysis/Audit
    Technical/Server Audit
    On-Page Audit
    Off-Page Audit
    Content Audit
    Links (100 To 1,000)
    Weekly Reports For 4 Weeks

Duration:  3 to 4 Weeks Campaign Period

Increase Organic Ranking
Increase Site Traffic
Good Bounce Rate

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Affordable SEO Packages For Small Business, Buy SEO Plan 1

Our affordable SEO packages for small business will help your web page rank well for search engines like Bing and Google. It will produce an excellent bounce rate and increase your website organic traffic.

You need to provide us your target page or landing page (URL) to proceed your order.

Work Activity

We will make a server audit first, then your content and html W3C validation.

In Off-Page, we will review and audit your back links if it looks good.

From Google (rich snippets)

On-Page, like structured data is a tool you can use to tell Google detailed information about a page on your website. Google can use this information to create informative, rich results. And audiences love these rich snippets because they make you stand out from the competition.

Mobile Friendly Site?

Is your brand mobile friendly? Mobile device usage has skyrocketed in the last few years.

Your website’s visibility refers to how prominently its pages appear in search engine results. Google’s ranking process determines where the content appears on the search engine result page (SERP). But MOZ, uses Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) and that relates rank equals authority. Google uses complex algorithms to determine which content is most relevant and valuable to internet users. These algorithms consider many factors, from how many other websites link to your website (indicating your platform is an authority) to keyword usage.

Duration: 4 Weeks


We guaranteed that in the first week you will get increase organic traffic, bounce rate and ranking.

Bottom line, there’s no secret from Bing, Yahoo and Google to rank well and get the traffic you’ve desired.




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