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Buy Clubhouse Club Members, Get Club Members On Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is a live audio platform that allows users to connect with people and join groups based on their interests. The app which was initially available only for iOS users was made available for Android users in May. The company also ended the invite-only system recently and made the app available for all users. The Android app currently has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

How Do You Become A Member Of A Club On Clubhouse?

  • Ask a friend who already has Clubhouse. Every new user account is granted at least 2 Clubhouse invite codes. Just make sure they have your phone number saved in their phone.
  • Head to the Clubhouse app website and sign up. If you’re lucky, any of your contacts who are already members might receive a notification that you signed up and can invite you.
  • Crowdsource invite codes from social media. Check hashtags like #Clubhouse for resources. Highly active users are awarded additional Clubhouse invites.

What Does It Mean To Join A Club On Clubhouse?

On Clubhouse, a ‘Room’ is where the conversation take place. An Open room is one where anyone can join the conversation, while in a Closed room users can limit it to their select friends or followers. Here’s how you can start your own room on the platform. Keep in mind that by default all rooms are set to open on the platform, and you have to change the setting when starting the room.

How Many Members Does A Clubhouse Have?

  • Note: The steps for Starting a Social room are the same as for starting an Open room. While anyone can join an Open room, Social rooms are meant for people who followed by you.
  • Closed room on Clubhouse – Users who follow each other on the app can also start a closed room together, from one room.
  • Room From Your Club – When in a room, you can also invite other people by copying the link and sending them the same.

Here’s a full breakdown of Clubhouse user growth over time.

1,500May 2020
600,000December 2020
2 millionJanuary 2021
10 millionFebruary 2021

How To Start A Room From Your Clubs?

1. Open the Clubhouse app.

2. Tap on the + Start a room icon located on the home page of the app

3. Select the club from the sub-menu. You can also add a topic if you wish to.

4. Tap on the Let’s go option to open the room.

5. You can click on the three dots option to open the room for visitors and for sharing the link. You can invite more people now by clicking on the + button and pinging your friends.

When in a room, you can also invite other people by copying the link and sending them the same. You can click on the three dots option located on the top right corner of your screen and click on share room. You can then copy the link or share the room via a host of options.

Can Anyone Join The Clubhouse?

No. Clubhouse is in private beta and currently invite-only. That said, you can currently sign up to reserve your username/handle. But to actually use the app, you’ll need an invitation from a current user.


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